Release notes 22.10.2021

Improvements in Interaxo

  • Alphabetical sorting of communities and workspaces. As seen in the picture we now sort communities and workspaces alphabetically. Favorites in the drop-down menu will still be at det top of the list.

  • When grouping on date fields, the time is now excluded. The problem was that when grouping on dates and time was included entries would not group since they were all treated as unique.

Improvements in Visual Board

  • In VB you can now edit and delete your own comments.

  • In VB you will now also see timestamps in comments (see picture above) and in the log as shown below

  • Saving a milestone card or a delivery card now closes the card in the same time as already implemented on the question card.

IFC Viewer - new features:

New navigation keybindings

The navigation using specific keybinding options will be set to Default, but users can select a keybinding they want to use in the Settings panel. The current keybinding options are default option and keybindings as in Revit. Each keybinding has a tooltip to explain how the functions work:



  • Zooming - Mouse scroll back/forth

  • Panning - Mouse scroll button

  • Rotation - Left mouse button

  • Selection Box - Alt+Left mouse button


  • Mouse scroll wheel - scroll forward and backwards to zoom in and out

  • Right mouse button or wheel click - for panning in all directions

  • Shift+right mouse button - for rotation around the model

  • Selection Box - Left mouse button


Laser measurements

ef9e792b-57c2-43cb-b740-1915e8871506.pngLaser measurement is a new tool that lets the users measure distances in 3 directions with a single click.

In addition to measuring, users can also choose to expand or shorten the measurement lines, delete single or all measurements and change the Units.

To start using the Measurements, click on the Measurements button in the bottom toolbar and click on the surface you want to measure. The measurements will be created in 3 directions and show the distance in the set unit.


Users can also adjust the measurements by extending/contracting the measurement lines.

To do that, click on the measurement label and use the left/right arrows to extend or contract the measurement line in the direction of your choice.


The measurement line will extend to the next available point and show the new calculated distance. Next to the arrow used to extend the measurement, a new button will appear to contract it back one point. The measurement can be extended until it reaches the edge of the measured object and the user will see a ‘block’ icon when the measurement extension is no longer possible.

To change the Units you want to see displayed in the measurement label, navigate to Settings button in the bottom toolbar and select the unit you want from the Units dropdown menu. The change will be applied immediately and the selected unit will be saved for the user and browser that is used.



Favorite parameters

In the Object Detail panel, where all parameters and values of an object are listed, the new Favorites option will let the users select the parameters they want to see grouped at the top when working with object data.

Select an object and open the IFC Navigation panel.


The parameters in Object Detail will now have a ‘Star’ icon next to them to select the favorite parameters.

When selected, the parameters will be added to a new group called ‘Favorites’ at the top of the parameters list. Parameter group names to which a selected parameter belongs to, are displayed at the top.


NOTE! The maximum number of parameters that can be added as Favorites is 5.

For objects that share the same parameters, those parameters will be listed as Favorites.

Parameters that are not shared, will simply now be shown and users can add a different parameter as Favorite for the selected object.


Object info popup

The new object info popup is a tool that will show the users object information for a selected object.

When an object is selected (in a model that has ifc data), the popup will show a default parameter and its value for all users, but the parameters shown in the popup can be customized using Favorites functionality from the Object Detail panel.


Once you’ve selected your favorite parameters, those are going to be shown in the Object Info popup as the main object information for a specific user and browser that is used.

The maximum number of parameters that can be saved as Favorites and displayed in the popup is 5.


Within the Object Information popup, users will always see a quick info based on their set Favorite parameters, but to help them see more object details, there is an 'info' button at the top right of the popup that opens the Object Detail panel with the list of all parameters that belong to that object.


In addition to the option to hide selected object(s) using the right-click menu, users can now also hide the selected object or hide all objects that match the same parameter as the one that is set in the object info popup.

For example, if we set Category (or similar) as the parameter in the object info popup, users can choose to hide all objects belonging to the same category as the selected object. In the example below, we’ve hidden all objects that belong to the category of 'Lighting Fixtures'.



To restore all hidden objects, right-click to open the context menu and choose ‘Unhide objects’.


IFC Viewer - improvements:

  • Removed Toolbar Setting (for hiding/showing the bottom and top toolbar)

  • Settings panel now closes when user clicks anywhere on the canvas

  • Improvement on the UI in the Settings panel (toggle buttons are moved to the right)

  • Tooltips on Keybinding options to show the user how each navigation is used

  • Performance improvements regarding streaming and loading of models


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